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IFTM professor gives lecture at HAITC

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

A lecture themed "Connecting Qualitative Data to Arguments: Concepts, Use of Theories, and Theory Generation" was hosted at the HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College of Hainan University (HAITC) on Oct 18. 

Ong Chin-ee, a professor at the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM), chief editor of Tourist Studies and coordinator for the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research, was invited as the featured speaker for the event.


Ong Chin-ee, a professor at the IFTM, gives a lecture at the HAITC on Oct 18. [Photo/WeChat account: HAITC] 

Focusing on qualitative research, Ong elaborated on its concept and application scenarios and explained the reasons for and methods of collecting qualitative data. He also introduced the research objectives, viewpoints and contributions of the theses he cited.


Ong Chin-ee, a professor at the IFTM, gives a lecture at the HAITC on Oct 18. [Photo/WeChat account: HAITC]

During the interactive session, Ong explained how to formulate research questions, claims, and outlines and invited HAITCers to engage in discussions on the research questions and claims presented in a bookstore café case study.


HAITCers pose for a commemorative photo with Ong Chin-ee, a professor at the IFTM. [Photo/WeChat account: HAITC]

Ong's insight into research and writing left a profound impression on us, and we have learned a lot from the lecture, said participating students.

Ong also works as an editorial board member of Tourism Geographies, Tourism Culture and Communication, Journal of Heritage Tourism, and Tourism Critiques. He also holds the position as an editorial review committee member of the International Journal of Tourism Cities.