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HAITC students visit Bo'ai sub-district on administration of residential communities

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

A delegation of students majoring in administration management at HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College of Hainan University (HAITC) conducted a session of practical activities on innovation & entrepreneurship and the collaborative governance of residential communities during their visit to Bo'ai sub-district office on April 18.

Li Huiqin, Party chief and head of Sanya residential community, accompanied the HAITC delegation to tour the place.

Lin Jianguo, president of Bo'ai Chamber of Commerce and a deputy to Haikou Municipal People's Congress, spoke with the HAITC delegation about the chamber's history and functions.

Lyu Chuan, director of Bo'ai Nanlian residential community, briefed participants on tremendous changes brought by residential renovation to the area and its efforts to tackle historical problems related to former residential communities affiliated with bankrupt enterprises.

Mei Zhejun, director of Bo'ai sub-district office, gave an introduction to the area and pressing and urgent problems of high concern in its administration and encouraged students to carry out in-depth inspection activities on resolving relevant administrative challenges.

The visit aimed to help students integrate their academic learning with actual life, strengthen their capacity in proposing innovative policies and adopting frontier visions, and prepare themselves for finding solutions to problems associated with people's livelihoods.

Those in attendance also included HAITC teachers Yang Honglian and Xu Binyuan.