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Farewell, welcome ceremony for faculty at HAITC

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College at Hainan University (HAITC) held a send-off gathering in Tin Ka-ping Building on Feb 9 for its former South Korean teacher Jekyung Lee and welcome the arrival of new faculty members.


The group photo of attendees at the farewell&welcome ceremony. [Photo/WeChat account: HAITC]

In her speech at the ceremony, Wang Lin, dean of HAITC, welcomed the arrival of new staff workers, expressed high expectations for them, and expressed thanks to Lee who would be departing the college because for personal reasons.

He Yingmin, Party secretary of HAITC, conveyed thanks to all staff for their contributions, and said she highly appreciated the efforts made by Lee to promote the further development of the college, and hoped to see more people-to-people exchanges between China and South Korea. 

Lee said that he had developed friendly ties with people around him in HAITC and that he would do his best to strengthen the friendship and exchanges between people from the two countries.

Liao Tao and Ju Xiaoqian are two teachers from HAITC who have gone abroad to receive further education. They also sent best wishes to the college and colleagues via video link and expressed hope to come back at an early date.

He said that HAITC was looking forward to their early return with fruitful accomplishments to bring new vitality to the college.

New teachers were invited to introduce themselves and voice their expectations for a bright future of the college.

The gathering was expected to bolster the friendship among all staff workers and enhance their sense of unity.


Teachers and staff members cut the cake together at the ceremony. [Photo/WeChat account: HAITC]