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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College of Hainan University adheres to its growth-targeted and student-centered principle and combines the flexibility of American education with the essence of Chinese education to form a new education concept. 

The concept enlightens students in three aspects: from children to adults to citizens; from passive learning to active learning to research-oriented learning; from aimless learning to interest to life plan. 

HAITC has set up a Career Development Center, a Sustainable Development Center and an Academic Support Center to assist students in achieving high-quality and sustainable development.

HAITC has established strategic partnerships with local prestigious enterprises and government departments such as the Sanya Edition Hotel, Hainan Provincial Bureau of International Economic Development, and Hainan Farvision Law Firm. It has invited senior executives as career mentors to share with students cutting-edge knowledge on industrial development. It has also held skills training workshops and vocational competitions to improve the adaptability of HAITC’s talents cultivation. 

The college has established a cooperative relationship with Talent Basket, a famous American manpower dispatching company, to provide free online internship opportunities for HAITC’s students. 

The college also offers remote internship opportunities in international organizations including the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the World Association for Sustainable Development and the Design Alliance Asia. More than 10 students have completed their internships.

As the functional department of HAITC's education on career development and guidance on internship and employment, the Career Development Center offers students, enterprises and alumni the following services:

Service for students

I Personalized guidance

CDC provides one-on-one career counseling for students to tap their career interests, explore values and find the most suitable path.

II Internship and job opportunities 

1. Develop employer resources and provide job information

CDC will establish cooperation with leading enterprises, explore exclusive internship and job opportunities and make them accessible to students through WeChat groups and Canvas.

2. Recruitment activities 

CDC regularly organizes job fairs in the college and invites well-known enterprises to recruit interns and graduates.

III Lectures and activities on career development

1. Lectures on career development

Senior executives, professionals and outstanding alumni in various fields are invited to give lectures on employment for HAITC’s students. They analyze the trend of industrial development and typical examples to help students learn about the characteristics, development trends and requirements for talents of various industries.

2. Lectures on job hunting

The lectures focus on improving students' ability to collect career opportunities, professional skills and interview skills. Experts in recruitment and senior alumni are invited to improve students' job-hunting ability through a series of activities including job-hunting skills lectures, resume modification and simulated interviews.

Service for enterprises

I Publicity for recruiting enterprises

As a bridge between the enterprises and HAITC, CDC will update the information about the enterprises to students through the public WeChat platform of the College, the students' career development WeChat groups and Canvas. The CDC will regularly invite enterprises to give lectures. 

II Construction of practice base 

CDC will explore the possibility of establishing a practice base with the employers, and the two sides will jointly customize and train the talents needed by the enterprise through the combination of production and education. Excellent interns will be offered full-time job opportunities. 

III Recommendation on internship and employment

On behalf of HAITC, CDC, as a partner of the employers, will provide headhunting services, recommending suitable students and alumni according to the requirements of the enterprises.