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Public Service and Public Policy

Source: chinadaily.com.cn Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Training goals 

This major focuses on public tourism services and public policies. It aims to cultivate high-quality international talents who have a deep understanding of modern public management theories, technologies and methods. Graduates will have received systematic scientific thinking training and professional skills training and possess a global vision, innovative spirit and practical abilities. 

Using Arizona State University's "Public Service and Public Policy" program and select English-language teaching materials, the college aims to meet global tourism development needs and lay the foundation for tourism industry supervision and management, public tourism services and tourism policy formulation. 

Core courses 

Introduction to Travel and Tourism, Principles of Management, Introduction to Sociology, Fundamentals of Jurisprudence, Principles of Political Science, Economics and Public Policy, Public Management & Administration, Applied Statistics, Public Service &  Public Policy in the 21st Century, Public Service Ethics, Leadership & Change, Tourism Management, Public Service Research Methods, Inclusive Community Development, Sustainable Tourism, Public Leadership, and Building Leadership Skills.


With a good command of learning and thinking methods and abilities to analyze and solve practical problems using public administration and tourism management theories, students are able to take on administrative work at Party and government institutions and public institutions and enterprises.

Familiar with the development trends of international tourism and modern services sectors, as well as relevant laws and regulations and guidelines and policies, graduates can engage in tourism business management, policy formulation and project planning in tourism authorities, NGOs, tourism associations and tourism enterprises and public institutions.

With a grasp of intercultural communication and English proficiency, graduates can apply their advanced research skills to work in management at national parks, tourism destinations, natural and cultural heritage sites and international communities.

Graduates in the above discipline can pursue further education with considerable research capability.