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CCYL HAITC committee

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

The Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) committee of the HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College at Hainan University (HAITC) firmly fulfills its duties of serving students on the campus under the dual leadership of the CPC HAITC committee and the CCYL committee of Hainan University (HNU). It also leads and unites students to align with latest ideology.

The CCYL HAITC committee sticks to inclusiveness and diversity, helps students retain their characters and functions as an inclusive college-level CCYL organization, one which underscores the observation of revolutionary traditions, publicizes advanced ideas, promotes socialist moral and ethical progress, unites outstanding youth and serves all faculty members as well as students.

The committee consists of an organization department, a general office, a publicity department, a social practice department, and a center for theoretical studies, all of which have shown full support of the guidance and leadership of the CCYL HNU committee, paid attention to the ideological and political thought and academic learning of CCYL members, and extended assistance to HAITC in its delivery of ideological and political education, aiming to become a fully diverse and inclusive organization.

As a leading functional part of the CCYL HAITC committee, the organization department coordinates other parallel departments and sees to organizational building and ideological guidance.

Its specific work includes basic affairs of the CCYL and management of smart CCYL buildings and the Second Classroom, an education mode that boosts learning from extracurricular activities.

Basic CCYL affairs involve preservation and management of all membership documents of undergraduates, graduate students and alumni, collection and verification of the payment of CCYL membership fees, as well as release and replacement of membership certificates, fostering new CCYL members, assisting in the selection of new Party members, and handling the management of new Party candidates, recommending provincial and university-level candidate CCYL model organizations and individuals and selecting excellent CCYL members, convening the CCYL HAITC committee congress every two years, sponsoring and collaborating with other competent departments in the organization of CCYL activities, and conducting internal assessment of selected model groups and individuals.

The management of smart CCYL buildings comprises promoting the convocation of CCYL conferences at all levels, strengthening education, assessment, registration and management for CCYL members, and launching CCYL lectures as well as organizing monthly theme activities and recommending outstanding activity reports to the HNU CCYL committee for further evaluation. It also includes handling the transfers of CCYL membership documents for HAITC graduates.

The Second Classroom releases and manages relevant activities, and registers, replenishes and verifies corresponding credits gained during such events.

The general office promotes thorough implementation of policies and arrangements.

The department of social practice holds that seeing is believing and that practice comes first. It implements campaigns launched by the CCYL central committee, follows the arrangements of the CCYL HNU committee, and carries out college-level extracurricular activities. It publicizes, sponsors and budgets large-scale campus activities, and is involved in the selection of model CCYL organizations and collection of case stories, building a bridge between students and society.

The department encourages students to integrate their learning with practical activities, nurtures dedication and a pioneering spirit among them, urges them to seek consistent self-improvement, and bolsters their social responsibility as well as pragmatic skills through various activities.

Closely responding to the decisions and arrangements of the CCYL central committee, it has organized publicity gatherings for students to send knowledge about culture, science and technology and health to grassroots areas. Under the triple leadership of the CCYL HNU committee, the CPC HAITC committee and the CCYL HAITC committee, the department has fostered a large number of outstanding social practice teams, winning awards at school level and above.

The department plays a leading role in helping students put their innovative and entrepreneurship knowledge into practice, exploring the development trend of commercial industry, utilizing student knowledge for the benefit of children in remote areas, and helping them embark on a new journey.

The publicity department prepares news articles and publicizes internal activities via multiple forms.

The center for theoretical studies provides theoretical guidance and training sessions for CCYL members.