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HAITC conducts research in rural areas

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Representatives from the HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College of Hainan University (HAITC) conducted research in rural parts of Hainan province from Sept 28 to 29. 

The investigation team led by Wang Lin, dean of HAITC and Lin Haiying, a professor from the college, focused on the rural revitalization of the Hainan free trade port, and carried out research on characteristic rural tourism in the province.

They went to the countryside to learn about the latest developments of villages in Hainan province, talked with government officials and local residents to learn about rural revitalization strategies and also put forward their suggestions.

In Tunchang county and Wanning, the team visited betel nut plantations, fish farms and characteristic industrial bases. Government officials and local entrepreneurs explained the development of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries in rural areas, future industrial planning for localized manufacturing and supporting the tertiary industry, as well as the rich natural ecological landscape and unique folk culture.

The team exchanged views on rural construction and suggested that local governments should adjust the structure of their industries, build an integrated industrial system, stick to low-carbon and circular economies, pursue green development, and strengthen local culture protection to achieve common prosperity in rural areas.


The HAITC investigation team visits a betel nut plantation in Gengfeng village, Tunchang county of Hainan province.


HAITC representatives exchange views on fish farming with entrepreneurs from Yandun village, Hele town in Wanning of Hainan province.


Officials from the Party committee of Hele town in Wanning of Hainan province introduce local industries to the HAITC research team.


Cadres from Gengfeng village, Tunchang county of Hainan province explain folk culture to the HAITC research team.

During the investigation, local officials talked about the problem of the aging population and rural hollowing-out as a large number of young people from rural areas are settling down in cities. The research team advised villagers to build characteristic home stays and exploit tourism resources to attract migrant workers and talents to return home, start their own businesses and make contributions to their hometowns.


Representatives of HAITC discuss the problem of rural hollowing-out during the investigation.

The research team also attended forums on rural revitalization and gave suggestions on improving the rural governance model, which combines self-governance, rule of law, and rule of virtue to facilitate the revitalization of rural places.


The HAITC research team attends a forum on rural revitalization in Hele town, Wanning of Hainan province.


The HAITC research team attends a forum on rural revitalization in Xinzhu town, Dingan county of Hainan province.