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FAQ on 2021 HAITC Undergraduate Enrollment

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Q1: What kind of college is HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College of Hainan University (HAITC)? Are the certificates and diplomas issued by the college the same as those of Hainan University (HNU) and Arizona State University (ASU)?

A: As a college affiliated with HNU, HAITC is a Sino-foreign cooperative institution approved by the Ministry of Education of China. 

Students who complete their studies and meet the graduation requirements will be awarded a graduation certificate and a bachelor’s degree certificate issued by HNU as well as a bachelor’s degree certificate issued by ASU. All certificates are exactly the same as those issued by the headquarters of the two universities. “Sino-foreign cooperative institution” will not appear in the certificates.

Q2: What are the characteristics and school-running pattern of HAITC? Does the candidate need to study at the American headquarters to obtain a foreign degree?

A: “Innovative”, “internationalized” and “inter-disciplinary” are HAITC’s main characteristics. The college attaches importance to the cultivation of students’ cross-cultural communication skills and international competitiveness.

The college adopts English immersion education and teaching models which integrate “dual degree”, “dual status” and a “4+0” mode. Candidates can apply for student status at both universities after enrollment in accordance with relevant procedures, and obtain degree certificates from both universities after finishing their studies. Studying at the American headquarters during the period of study will not be a requisite for obtaining a foreign degree. 

Q3: How long will the program take? Does the candidate have the opportunity for overseas exchanges?

A: The basic length of study for undergraduate students will be four years. The longest extended length of study shall not exceed two years. 

Students are allowed to study domestically for four years or go to ASU for exchanges from the third academic year (the exchange period ranges from one to four semesters). The tuition fee will be charged according to ASU standards.

Q4: How much is the tuition fee? Are there other expenses?

A: Tuition: 60,000 yuan ($9,263.83) per academic year;

Accommodation fee: 1,200 yuan per academic year (a quad dormitory with a private bathroom and an air-conditioner);

Textbook fee: HAITC will charge 1,200 yuan at the beginning of the first semester. Charges will be cleared at the end of the academic year. Any excess payments shall be refunded and deficiencies shall be made up. Freshmen must pay all fees for the year up front before registering.

Q5: Are there quota limits for studying at ASU? What fees are required? How much are the approximate living expenses for studying abroad?

A: Eligible students can apply for exchange programs at ASU, with no quota restrictions. 

The annual expense is about $51,000, of which the tuition is about $31,200 per year (please refer to the official annual tuition released by ASU). The remaining cost, which includes accommodation, food, transportation, textbooks and insurance, will be about $19,800. If the studying period is one semester, the tuition fee will be halved.

Q6: Can I change my major after enrollment?

A: After being admitted to HAITC, students are allowed to transfer to a major set by the college if there are quotas available. Students are not allowed to transfer to a major set by colleges other than HAITC.

Q7: What are the admission requirements of HAITC? Are there any foreign language requirements?

A: The dual degree program is included in the enrollment plan of the national general colleges and universities. Only candidates who apply for this program will be admitted, and their English test results in the college entrance examination should reach the minimum threshold of 70 percent. The college will lower admission standards for suitable candidates based on regulations of the province in which candidates are located when the enrollment is below expectations.

Q8: After admission, does HAITC have specific requirements for students’ foreign language proficiency? What if the student fails to meet such requirements?

A: Students shall achieve a score of 6.0 in the IELTS examination (or TOEFL 61 or PTE 53) or complete ASU’s EUGA program before the second year of their studies. The college has developed a practical English and academic English teaching system, a high-level language education team and an academic English learning center to provide assistance for target students.

Students who fail to meet the standards within one year can apply for extension or suspension of their studies (with a maximum period of two years). 

Q9: Compared with peer colleges of HNU, what are the advantages of HAITC?

A: 1. “Dual degree” education mode: Graduates will obtain degree certificates from HNU and ASU. 

2. Teaching resources: Students will register in both HNU and ASU after enrolment. They will obtain student status at both universities. The program will adopt bilingual teaching mode and a small-sized class system. Students will be provided with high-quality education and scientific research resources from ASU headquarters. 

3. Faculty team: One-third of the faculty is from ASU, the other two-thirds comes from HNU and is recruited globally. Professional courses are taught in English, and the American teaching and assessing mode is used. The faculty also introduces international education management platform (Canvas).  

4. Academic atmosphere: HAITC has a relatively independent teaching space and an international academic atmosphere. It adopts student-centered teaching and management modes. The college has also set up a working mechanism for undergraduates to serve as research assistants for professors.

5. Preferential expenses: The four-year learning expenses of this program are only one quarter of the expenses required for studying at the American headquarters. Scholarships are also available for excellent students.

6. International exchanges: The college offers study tours (at own expense), including visits to well-known American companies and universities. The international faculty and management team will provide students with resources and assistance to further their studies at prestigious overseas universities and enhance their global competitiveness.

7. Further learning opportunities: HAITC provides dual degree and foreign single degree Master’s programs for students to continue their studies.

Q10: Do HAITC students enjoy the same resources and treatment as HNU students?

A: HAITC students may access the same resources and treatment as the other HNU students. However, they are not allowed to transfer to a major set by colleges other than HAITC like HNU students do.

Q11: Do HAITC students have the opportunity to apply for postgraduate programs?

A: Such opportunities are available to both HAITC students and other HNU students of the same session.

Q12: How many candidates will HAITC admit each year?

A: HAITC will admit 300 candidates per year. The enrollment scale will be adjusted each year. Please refer to the specific enrollment guidelines. To know more about enrollment amount of the year, please refer to “2021 Enrollment Guidelines of HAITC” or relevant information published by the province in which the candidate is located. 

Q13.What are the school-running and accommodation conditions of HAITC?

A: Before moving to the new campus located in the Guanlan Lake Resort, HAITC set a temporary campus on the main campus of HNU on the Haidian Island. Students can access all public resources of HNU. HAITC is provided with independent working and teaching spaces as well as various supporting facilities, including a full set of multimedia equipment, air-conditioned classrooms and computer rooms. Students can register foreign student status and enjoy the e-book resources of ASU after enrollment.

Q14: What is the general situation of ASU?

A: ASU is located in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, the United States. It is a public world-class research university. ASU has ranked first among “the Most Innovative Universities” by USNEWS for six consecutive years, from 2015 to 2020. 

In the CWUR World University Rankings 2018, its hotel, leisure, sports and tourism majors ranked second in the United States and seventh in the world. ASU places a high value on cooperation with enterprises and the cultivation of students’ social communication skills.

In the QS World University Rankings 2020, it ranked third in the index of “building a high-quality connection between potential employers and students”, ahead of Stanford University, MIT and Princeton University. 

ASU is also a member of the Chinese Association of American Universities, and is listed as one of the preferred universities by Chinese enterprises. The association provides graduates with exclusive job opportunities and a strong professional network in China, and works closely with companies which are recruiting excellent graduates with overseas learning experience, including Alibaba, Microsoft, Byte Dance, PwC and many more.

Q15. Does HAITC admit international students?

A: HAITC will enroll international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Applicants should have a high school diploma and meet relevant requirements of HNU. They will also receive policy support provided by the Chinese government.

Q16: Does HAITC provide graduate programs?

A: HAITC’s Master’s programs of “tourism management” and “public management” have been approved this year. The college provides double degree and foreign single degree Master’s programs for students to continue their studies. The recruitment will start from 2022. For details, please refer to “2022 Master’s Degree Enrollment Guidelines of HAITC”. 

Q17: How about the graduation and employment of HAITC students? 

A: HAITC will have its first group of graduates in 2021. It is estimated that by the middle of July 2021, about 95 percent of the students will complete their studies on time and obtain dual degrees (students who fail to obtain degrees due to credit deficiency can apply for degrees after getting requested credits). 

About 50 percent of graduates will go abroad for further studies at the world’s top 100 universities, including Cornell University, New York University, the University of Hong Kong, University College London and other well-known universities. 

Those who choose to further their studies domestically (including recommended postgraduates and general postgraduates) are admitted by national key universities. Those who choose to take up an occupation have signed contracts with well-known enterprises such as Byte Dance, Alibaba, Ctrip, Edition Hotel and New Oriental Education & Technology Group. Other students attended civil service examinations and selected graduate examinations.

Q18: How can I learn more about HAITC? 

A: Website: www.haitc.hainanu.edu.cn 

WeChat official account/ Bilibili / Tiktok: search “Hainan University International Tourism College” and follow the account

E-mail: haitc@hainanu.edu.cn 

Hotlines: +86-898-66272591 / 66257010 / 66272805