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2021 HAITC Independent Enrollment Guidelines

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

In consideration of the difficulties faced by overseas Chinese students amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College of Hainan University (HAITC) will implement decisions made by the Ministry of Education of China, the Education Department of Hainan Province and the HAITC Party Committee to modestly enlarge its enrollment scale in 2021 and in particular to recruit eligible students who plan to study aboard. The enrollment guidelines are as follows.


HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College, Hainan University (HAITC) is an international, innovative and interdisciplinary college co-established by Hainan University (HNU) and Arizona State University (ASU), and is based on the need to build Hainan province into a smart international island and develop domestic and foreign tourism. 

As a school affiliated with HNU, HAITC was the province’s first Sino-foreign cooperative institution and was approved by the Ministry of Education of China in 2017. Combining the advantages of HNU and ASU, the college has introduced international cutting-edge tourism education concepts and adopted bilingual education to cultivate management talents with global vision and international competitiveness in tourism and related fields. 


High school graduates with Chinese nationality who planned to study abroad in the autumn of 2021, or Chinese students who have studied abroad but intended to return home for further studies. 


The enrollment expansion is classified as independent enrollment. Applicants will be autonomously assessed by HAITC and reported to the Enrollment and Employment Department of HNU and ASU for review. Admitted candidates will achieve ASU student status and be registered in the Sino-foreign cooperative institution student registration system. 


HAITC plans to recruit 60 students in three majors (20 students in each major). When the number of applicants is insufficient, the enrollment plan of each major will be readjusted.


Hotel Management (Tourism Development and Management)

Human Geography and Urban-Rural Planning (Parks and Recreation Management)

Public Administration (Public Service and Public Policy)


1. The applicant should have Chinese nationality, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, keep to the correct political orientation, love the motherland, be willing to serve socialist modernization, observe disciplines and laws, and be of good conduct.

2. The applicant should hold a high school diploma and provide a transcript with an average score of no less than 83 or a GPA of no less than 3.0 (with official seal of the high school). 

3. The applicant should meet at least one of the following English language proficiency requirements: 

a. TOEFL: 61; 

b. IELTS: 6.0; 

c. Pearson Test of English (PTE): 53; 

d. Duolingo English Test: no less than 95; 

e. Pass the EGUA English course of the ASU Language Center; 

f. College entrance examination English score: no less than 70 percent of the full score; 

g. Pass the English interview organized by HAITC.

4. Applicants who meet the above conditions and hold an admission notice of overseas universities or a Chinese college entrance examination transcript (the total score should be 20 points higher than the provincial undergraduate admission line in which the candidate is located) will be given priority. 

Qualification awarded

Students who meet the graduation requirements will be awarded a bachelor’s degree certificate from ASU and the degree accredited at the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE). Students will not be issued a graduate certificate or a bachelor’s degree certificate from HNU, neither will they be registered at the China Higher Education Student Information (CHSI) website.

Schooling characteristics 

Faculty: One-third of the faculty is from ASU, the other twi\o-thirds is from HNU and is recruited globally. Professional courses are taught in English, and the American teaching mode is used. The faculty also includes international English-language teaching teams. 

Academic atmosphere: HAITC has a relatively independent teaching environment. It adopts student-centered teaching and management modes. The college recruited professional teachers to provide academic guidance and counselling. International students are also included in the admission list.

International exchanges: HAITC offers study tours (at students’ expense), including visits to well-known American companies and universities. The international faculty and management team will provide students with resources and assistance to further their studies at prestigious overseas universities and enhance their global competitiveness.

“4+0” mode: Students will conduct their studies in China for four academic years. Studying at the American headquarters during the period of study will not be a requisite for obtaining a foreign degree. However, students are allowed to choose to go to ASU for exchanges from the third academic year. The tuition fee will be charged according to ASU standards.


Applicants should submit application materials through the HAITC online registration system (please visit: https://dxwzs.hainanu.edu.cn/) and complete relevant information from Aug 27, 2021. Required documents are listed below:

(1) High school transcript with official seal of the school Academic Affairs Office (in JPG or PDF format); 

(2) Scanned copy of the original high school diploma (in JPG or PDF format);

(3) A recent electronic ID photo (in JPG format); 

(4) Scanned copy of the college entrance examination transcript or the original admission notice of overseas universities (in JPG or PDF format); 

(5) Scanned copies of original English language certificates (in JPG or PDF format); 

(6) Scanned copy of the original ID card (front and back) (in JPG or PDF format); 

(7) 2021 HAITC Independent Enrollment Application Form for Undergraduate Students and 2021 HAITC Independent Enrollment Registration Information Form for Undergraduate Students (see attached documents). 

The enrollment group will conduct a preliminary review of the applicant’s materials. A list of qualified applicants will be submitted to the International Cooperation and Exchange Department and the Enrollment and Employment Department of HAITC for review and filing and then publicized on the HAITC website. The college will notify qualified applicants to attend the interview. The application deadline is Sept 5, 2021 (subject to the time when the system receives the application materials).

Interview arrangement 

(1) The interview is scheduled for Sept 6, 2021, and will last for two days. Before the interview, HAITC will publish the information of eligible applicants and the implementation rules of the interview on the college’s website.

(2) The interview will be carried out through Welink, Tencent Meeting and DingTalk.

(3) The interview mainly examines candidates’ comprehensive ability, political quality, morality, and English proficiency. The interview for each candidate will not exceed 20 minutes in general. 

(4) The examination of political quality and morality includes political and ideological performance, learning attitude, moral quality, discipline and law obedience, honesty and trustworthiness. Such evaluations will not be included in the interview results, but those who fail to pass the examination will not be admitted to the college.

(5) During the interview, interviewees’ facial images will be collected to ensure identity authenticity.


The college will confirm the proposed admission list based on candidates’ interview performance, and the list will be submitted to the Enrollment and Employment Department of HNU and ASU for review. The approved list will be publicized on the college website. If there are no objections raised, the list will be submitted to the competent department for filing, and a formal admission notice will be issued to successful candidates.

Qualification examination 

The original copies of relevant application materials will be checked during registration. HAITC will compare the student, the interview photo and ID photo by using a face recognition system. If any falsehood is found, the opportunity of enrollment will be cancelled.

Information disclosure and appealing system

The college will submit the proposed admission list to the Enrollment and Employment Department of HNU and ASU for review. The approved list will be publicized on the college website for five days (from Sept 8 to 12, 2021). If there are no objections raised, the list will be submitted to the competent department for filing. During the publicity period, if candidates have any queries about the list, they are welcomed to lodge a complaint in writing using their real name. Please contact HAITC hotlines at +86-898--66256820, 66255272, 66257010.

Fees, scholarships and subsidies

Tuition: 60,000 yuan ($9,263.83) per academic year;

Accommodation fee: please refer to HAITC accommodation standards;

Textbook fee: HAITC will charge 1,200 yuan in advance. Charges will be cleared at the end of the academic year. Any excess payments shall be refunded and deficiencies shall be made up.

Freshmen must pay all fees for the year up front before registering. 

Scholarships and subsidies: please refer to relevant HAITC regulations.

Contact information

Official website: http://haitc.hainanu.edu.cn/index.htm

Hotlines: +86-898-66256820, 66255272

E-mail: Haitc_student@hainanu.edu.cn

Address: Student Affairs Department, HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College, HNU, No 58 Renmin Road, Meilan district, Haikou, Hainan province (Room 206, Tin Ka Ping Building, zip code: 570228)