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HAITC ranks top 10 in Hainan’s campus media

Updated: May 21, 2021

Under the guidance of China Youth Daily Hainan Bureau and organized by China (Hainan) University Media Union, the results of the “Hainan Province 2020-2021 Excellent Campus Media Selection” were officially released in April. The HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College of Hainan University (HNU), HAITC, ranked in the top 10 campus media and won the third prize.


HAITC’s campus media ranks in the top 10 in Hainan Province and wins third prize at the “Hainan Province 2020-2021 Excellent Campus Media Selection” organized by China (Hainan) University Media Union.

This year’s selection contained three parts: online voting, application materials scoring, and on-site presentation. A total of 22 excellent campus media personnel participated in the selection.


The certificate of “2020 Top 10 Campus Media in Hainan Province”.

HAITC’s campus media always conveys the voice of the college with multiple forms and technologies, significantly strengthening the influence and popularity of HAITC and showing the unique humanistic connotation and purpose of the school.


The certificate of “Third Prize—Hainan Province 2020 Campus Media”.

The campus media of HAITC has continuously strengthened content construction, followed the pace of the Party and the country, actively carried out Party history education. The campus media launched the “100 Lectures on Party History” to popularize related knowledge for teachers and students, and closely integrated the characteristics of a Sino-foreign cooperative institution to actively promote high-quality, interesting and instructive content.