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HAITC holds pronunciation and intonation competition

Updated: May 4, 2021

Organized by the Academic Support Center (ASC) of the HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College, Hainan University (HAITC), an English pronunciation and intonation competition was held for 2020 students on April 27.

Wang Lin, dean of HAITC, He Yingmin, Party secretary of the college, Li Meizhen and Zhang Xianfeng, vice-deans of the college, Chen Kunfeng, director of the Student Affairs Office, head teachers and students of all 2020 classes attended the competition.


The pronunciation and intonation competition for 2020 students in HAITC is held on April 27.

In the first part of the competition, the guests selected two students from each class to recite an English monologue. The two students in the draw randomly selected materials from ten prepared monologues and recited them on stage.


A student recites an English monologue on the competition.

During the competition, HAITC students also staged dance and guitar performances, fully demonstrating their versatility.


HAITC teacher Brain and students give a choral performance accompanied by guitar.

The second part was an English movie dubbing competition that fully reflected the oral expression ability and English cultural literacy of HAITC students.


HAITC students dub a movie into English at the competition.

After the competition, Dean Wang and Vice-Dean Li pointed out the significance of this event and expressed their support.

The judges and teachers also put forward a number of instructive learning suggestions on how to improve oral English and their views on this activity.


A group photo of all the participants.