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HAITC signs strategic cooperation agreement with Hainan Farvision Law Firm

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Fu Qiongfen, director of Hainan Farvision Law Firm, visited the HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College of Hainan University (HAITC) and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on April 9.


Executives of the Hainan Farvision Law Firm, a famous law firm in Hainan Province, visit HAITC on April 9.

Wang Lin, dean of HAITC, He Yingmin, Party secretary of the college, and heads of relevant departments attended the signing ceremony.

Fu spoke highly of HAITC's operations and humanistic environment and congratulated the students on their achievements in internship and academic research.


Executives of HAITC have a conference with the Hainan Farvision Law Firm on April 9.

Dean Wang introduced the college's characteristics, faculty, student training and advanced study and employment opportunities, and described HAITC’s recent volunteer service work at the China International Consumer Products Expo held in Hainan conducted with the Hainan International Business Council.

Fu introduced the history, current situation, and achievements of the firm and mentioned that it provided voluntary legal consulting services for the expo to support the development of Hainan Province.


Fu Qiongfen, director of Hainan Farvision Law Firm, delivers a speech at the conference.

Founded in 1994, Farvision Law Firm is currently the largest law firm in Hainan. It is headquartered in Haikou, and has branches in Qionghai in Hainan and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province.

With the expansion of the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP) and increasing investment in the province, Farvision Law Firm has an urgent need for talents with international vision and cross-cultural communication skills.


Wang Lin (front, left), dean of HAITC, and Fu Qiongfen (front, right), director of Hainan Farvision Law Firm, sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement at the conference.

Fu said she hopes both sides will play a role, synergize advantages, realize complementary resources, and jointly explore effective modes of school-enterprise cooperation in talent training.

On behalf of HAITC, Dean Wang invited Farvision Law Firm to attend the first graduation ceremony of HAITC.


A group photo of the signing ceremony.