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HAITC holds coming-of-age ceremony for freshmen

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The coming-of-age ceremony of HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College (HAITC) was held at the concert hall of Hainan University (HNU) on March 9. The event was also broadcast via a live-streaming platform. Parents of hundreds of students enrolled in 2020 witnessed this activity online.

Wang Lin, dean of HAITC, He Yingmin, Party secretary of the college, Li Meizhen and Zhang Xianfeng, vice-deans of the college, Fu Tao, deputy director-level counselor, and other counselors and head teachers attended the event. 


Wang Lin, dean of HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College (HAITC), delivers a speech at the ceremony on March 9. 

At the beginning of the activity, Dean Wang first offered cordial congratulations to the  students, saying that this ceremony has special significance and aims to strengthen their self-reliance, so that they can be fully adult both physically and psychologically.

Wang also recommended two books for the students, namely "The 38 Letters of Rockefeller to his Son" and "Learning Master", emphasizing that a person's starting point will only affect his goal, but will never determine his future.

In her speech, Secretary He said that as a generation born in 2003 when the SARS pandemic was severe, 2020 students should feel deeper emotion for their native land, understand better that a country emerges stronger from adversity and keep the spirit of the era deeply in mind.


He Yingmin, Party secretary of HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College (HAITC), delivers a speech at the ceremony on March 9.

She expects the students to be grateful, independent and not take things or people for granted. She hopes that they will make full use of the four years of precious college time, clarify their goals and continue to strive for them, and show their youthful demeanor with diligence, persistence, and responsibility, so that they will become the builders of a new era with higher quality.

The different kinds of shows at the ceremony included poem recitations and calligraphy as well as an introduction by associate professor Yana of international coming-of-age ceremonies, which was meant to guide students to cultivate patriotic feelings and strengthen their ideals and beliefs.


Yana, associate professor of HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College (HAITC), introduces the international coming-of-age ceremony at the event on March 9.

At the end of the activity, the students took turns on stage putting letters they wrote to their future selves four years from now into the mailbox, and then sang a song together, drawing a perfect end to this adult ceremony.

The smooth holding of this event enabled every student of HAITC to raise their awareness of adulthood and better understand the responsibility of adults. They surely will forge ahead towards bright futures to meet the expectations of their parents and teachers.



Students perform different kinds of shows at the ceremony on March 9.


Students put the letters written to themselves four years in the future into the mailbox at the ceremony on March 9.


Group photos of teachers and students at the adult ceremony on March 9.