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DACC symposium members visit HAITC

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Members of the Dean's Association of the Chinese-foreign Cooperation (DACC) symposium visited HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College (HAITC) from February 28 to March 2.

Wu Yaoting, Party secretary of Hainan University (HNU), Ye Guangliang, vice-president and standing committee member of the Party committee of HNU, Wang Lin, dean of HAITC, He Yingmin, Party secretary of the college, Li Meizhen and Zhang Xianfeng, vice-deans of the college, and Fu Tao, deputy director-level counselor, welcomed the guests.

The delegation was composed of representatives from eight universities cooperating in running Chinese-foreign programs including the University of Nottingham Ningbo China and Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University as well as more than ten well-known non-corporate Chinese-foreign cooperating education institutions. They visited the HAITC in two groups.


Members of the Dean's Association of Chinese-foreign Cooperation (DACC) symposium visit the HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College (HAITC).

Dean Wang and staff of related functional departments gave the guests a detailed account of the school’s management and the achievements of its faculty, and answered their questions.


Leaders of Hainan University (HNU) and HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College (HAITC) guide the guests on their visit to the college.

As a Chinese-foreign cooperation university, the HAITC adopts the training model of "dual degrees" and "4+0", which means students can register their status at both universities in accordance with the procedures when entering school, and obtain degree certificates from both universities when graduating.

By cultivating students in this way and establishing an international team of teachers, the HAITC has gradually become a highland for talent training with international and innovative characteristics.


The guests listen to Dean Wang's introduction about the college.

Wang also introduced students' situations after graduation in particular. According to the data, many students intended to further their studies aboard as a certain number of them have obtained offers from well-known overseas universities such as Cornell University.

Some students with excellent grades have received postgraduate recommendations from universities through the "985 Project", and others have been hired by well-known companies, all of which highlights the high-quality results and advantages of the international teaching method.


The guests visit the functional departments of the college.

After Wang’s introduction, the heads of college offices led the guests to visit some functional departments of the college, the Party office and the activity rooms of student organizations and clubs. The college has recently improved its teaching quality and efficiency by a comprehensive upgrading of its facilities.

During the visit, the enthusiasm and vigor shown by the HAITC students also made the guests feel the unique characteristics of the college and its concept of talent training.


The guests visit the activity room of student organizations and clubs.

After visiting, the guests all said that with rich tourism resources in Hainan and the development opportunities brought by the Hainan Free Trade Port (HFTP), Chinese-foreign cooperation in running universities with outstanding international connotations and school-running models in the province will have greater prospects and opportunities.


The guests and teachers of the college exchange opinions with each other.

The guests spoke highly of the teaching achievements of the HAITC in international education, and hoped that the college will make new achievements and become better and better in serving construction of the HFTP.



The guests pose for a group photo with teachers of the college.