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Celebrating World Tourism Day 2020 at HAITC

Source: unwto.org Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College, Hainan University (HAITC) is going to celebrate World Tourism Day on September 28 with diverse activities including messages from Dean Wang Lin and other faculty members, a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop on Celebrating Tourism and a campus tour for new faculty appointments and staff.

Message from the dean:

"Dear Friend,

Here at HAITC, we are very excited about World Tourism Day on September 27. Each of us can mark this day to celebrate what is always on our minds: Tourism!

Whether it is jogging on the beach, spending an afternoon chilling out in a nice hotel room, or hiking along a nature trail, we hope you can celebrate this day in your favorite way as a tourist.

As a friend of HAITC, tourism professional or not, we hope you will set an example of how much tourism matters and encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to travel as well.

On this World Tourism Day, the COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity for us to rethink the future of tourism, including how it contributes to the sustainable development goals through its social, cultural, political, and economic value. Tourism can eventually help us move beyond the pandemic by bringing people together and promoting solidarity and trust – crucial ingredients in advancing the global cooperation so urgently needed at this time.

Don't forget: our faculty and staff are here to support and satisfy all your ideas, research, insight and needs in tourism.

Safe travels,

Wang Lin

Dean of HAITC"