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Tourism Development and Management

Source: chinadaily.com.cn Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Training goals

This program focuses on the trends and general direction of international resort management and pays special attention to global issues in the industry and interdisciplinary topics. The college aims to offer students a curriculum centered on "Tourism Development and Management" and utilizes English-language teaching materials from Arizona State University. The course also takes advantage of Hainan's position as an international tourism island that's home to numerous high-end international hotel chains to establish strategic partners at home and abroad. The course's goal is to create high-quality, international-level professionals with a global perspective, who are familiar with the international operating rules of the hospitality industry and possess independent innovation capabilities.

Core courses

Introduction to Resort and Hotel Management, Front Office and Housekeeping Management, Hotel Food and Beverage Management, Leadership and Professional Development, Leisure and the Quality of Life, Tourism, Recreation and Sports Marketing, International Tourism, Tourism Planning, Community Services and Professions, Convention Sales and Management, and Wilderness and Parks in America.