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Source: chinadaily.com.cn Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Wang Lin


Wang directs the overall administrative work of the college and is responsible for such matters as finance, personnel, discipline construction and safety production. She is also in charge of the General Affairs Department (GAO), International Affairs Department (IAO), the Research Center and the Career Development Center (CDC).


He Yingmin

Secretary of the CPC Committee of the HAITC

He directs the overall work of the CPC Committee of the HAITC and is responsible for the ideological and political education of faculty and staff and the construction, publicity, comprehensive management and stability of teachers' ethics.


Kathleen Andereck


She is responsible for teaching arrangement of ASU faculty and assists in the college's discipline construction.


Wang Yuanlu

Deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of HAITC

Wang assists the Party secretary of the college. He is responsible for ideological and political education, Party building, the Communist Youth League, mental health, employment, alumni liaison, and family planning of students. He assists the Party secretary in leading comprehensive governance, publicity, and enrollment. He is also in charge of the Students Office, the CYL HAITC committee, the college labor union, the Student Affairs Office (SAO), and the Career Development Center (CDC).


Yang Zhixin (concurrent)


Yang assists the president in a variety of areas including international cooperation and exchanges, the construction of international faculty teams, management of international students, overseas exchange programs, and expansion of international cooperation projects. He is also in charge of the International Affairs Office (IAO).


Li Meizhen (temporary)


Li assists the dean in works such as the college's undergraduate teaching, experimental training and practice, laboratory construction and (safety) management, and the training and development of teachers. Li is also in charge of the Teaching Affairs Office (TAO), the Foreign Language Education Center (FLEC), the ASC (Academic Support Center) and the Hotel Management Department (TDM).


Dong Erwei

Assistant vice-dean 

Dong assists Vice-president Kathleen Andereck such matters as the management of ASU teachers dispatched to Hainan University including their teaching arrangements.