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2020 Independent Enrollment Guidelines of HAITC

Source: chinadaily.com.cn Updated: Sep 17, 2020

To deal with problems that have materialized during the global fight against COVID-19 – such as difficulties for students studying abroad, HAITC will moderately increase its enrollment scale in 2020. Those studying abroad who meet specific conditions may have the chance to be admitted. The admission guidelines are as follows.


HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College, Hainan University (HAITC) is an innovative joint college and a Sino-foreign cooperative tourism institution approved by the Ministry of Education of China in May 2017. 

HAITC was co-established by Hainan University and Arizona State University (ASU) based on tourism development needs. It is affiliated with Hainan University.

Combining the advantages of Hainan University and ASU, the college introduces international cutting-edge tourism education concepts. The professional courses are given in English to focus on cultivating management talents in tourism and related fields with a global perspective and international competitiveness.


High school graduates who are citizens of the People's Republic of China and hold an unconditional admission notice from an overseas university and originally planned to study overseas will be enrolled. 

Enrollment scale

60 students. 


Hotel Management (Tourism Development and Management)

Human Geography and Urban-Rural Planning (Parks and Recreation Management)

Public Administration (Public Service and Public Policy).

Enrollment category

The expansion is an independent enrollment and is not included in the national enrollment plan. Students will be enrolled independently by HAITC, and the expansion plan will be submitted to the Admissions and Employment Office of Hainan University and ASU for review. Enrolled students should also register for ASU and log into the Sino-foreign cooperative education institution's registration system.

Degree issuance 

Students who meet the graduation requirements will be awarded a degree certificate from ASU and be certified by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange of the Ministry of Education. Hainan University's graduation certificate and degree certificate will not be issued, and students will not be registered in the system of China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC).

Schooling advantages

Faculty team: one-third of the faculty is from ASU, one-third from Hainan University and one-third are recruited globally. The professional courses are taught in English, and the American class teaching model is also used. Also, there are international English-language teaching teams. 

Academic atmosphere: The college has a relatively independent teaching space; it adopts student-centered teaching management methods and has professional teachers to provide educational guidance and consultation. The college also recruits international students.

International exchanges: The college offers study tours (at own expense), including visits to well-known American companies and universities. The international faculty and management team will provide students with resources and assistance to study at prestigious overseas universities, enhancing students' global competitiveness and advantages.

"4+0" model: Students do not have to travel to study at the American school's headquarters to obtain a foreign degree during the period of study. Students who meet the relevant essential requirements can choose to go to ASU for exchanges from the third academic year. According to their wishes and economic conditions, these students will study for a certain period, ranging from one to four semesters. The tuition will be charged according to ASU standards.

Application requirements

Anyone who meets the following conditions can apply: 

(1) Applicants need to have the correct political awareness, love the motherland, and be willing to serve the cause of socialist modernization. Also, applicants must be disciplined, abide by the nation's laws and be well-behaved. 

(2) Applicants need to obtain an unconditional formal admission notice issued by an overseas institution. The institution issuing the notice must be in the following ranking range: QS ranking, TIMES ranking or the U.S NEWS ranking, and cannot be lower than the corresponding rankings of Arizona State University in 2019 (choose one). 

(3) Applicants must meet at least one of the following language score requirements and provide valid score certificates issued within two years (if the following credentials cannot be provided, English-language level will be tested during the interview):

1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): 61

2. International English Language Testing System (IELTS): 6 

3. Pearson Test of English (PTE): 53 

4. Duolingo English test: minimum score of 95. 

(4) Applicants must provide a valid high school transcript with an average score of not less than 85 (or GPA not less than 3.0) with an official school seal.

(5) Applicants should be in good health and meet the requirements of relevant national college admissions and physical examination standards. (A medical examination report that meets the requirements of the college entrance examination or issued by a tertiary hospital should be provided. After entering the school, the freshman's health condition must be rechecked.) 

Application methods

Applicants should submit their application materials through the registration system (https://dxwzs.hainanu.edu.cn) of the official website of HAITC (http://haitc.hainanu.edu.cn/index.htm) on September 18, 2020. The following materials are required:

(1) High school graduation transcript (must be stamped with the official seal of the educational administration department of the high school) (JPG or PDF format); 

(2) A scanned copy of the original high school graduation certificate (JPG or PDF format); 

(3) Electronic version of recent face shot (face and head cannot be obscured in the photo) (JPG format); 

(4) A scanned copy of the original admission notice of a foreign university (JPG or PDF format); 

(5) A scanned copy of the original proof of language performance (JPG or PDF format); 

(6) A scanned copy of the original identity card (front) (JPG or PDF format). 

The college admissions team will conduct a preliminary review of the applicants' materials. The list of qualified applicants will be submitted to the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the Admissions and Employment Office of Hainan University for review and filing. Eligible applicants will be notified and asked to participate in the interview process. The deadline for application is September 23, 2020, subject to the time the system receives the application materials. 

Interview arrangement

(1) The interview process is scheduled for September 26-27, 2020. Before the interview, the college will publish the information of applicants who meet the interview conditions and the interview implementation rules on the college's website. 

(2) The interview will take the form of a "network remote assessment." Platforms are Huawei Welink system, Tencent conference system, Ali Dingding, etc.

(3) The interview mainly includes examining the applicants' comprehensive abilities, ideological and political quality, moral character, professional English application, etc. The interview for each candidate generally does not exceed 20 minutes.

(4) The ideological, political quality and moral character assessment includes political and ideological performance, learning attitude, moral quality, history of law-abiding behaviors, honesty and trustworthiness, etc. The evaluation will not be counted in the interview results, but those who fail the assessment will not be admitted. 


The college determines the list of applicants to be admitted based on the applicants' interview results and submits the list to the Admissions and Employment Office of Hainan University and ASU for review. The reviewed list will be publicized on the college website. With no objection, it will be submitted to the competent department for record, and then an official admission notice will be issued.

Information disclosure and appeal channels

The college will submit the applicants' list to be admitted to the Admissions and Employment Office of Hainan University and ASU for review. The approved list will be published on the college's official website for five days. The publicity time is from October 3 to 7, 2020. If there is no objection, it will be submitted to the relevant departments for approval and filing as required. If applicants have any questions during the publicity period, they can file a real-name complaint in written form. Complaint contact numbers: 0898-66256820, 66255272, 66257010 (the enrollment consultation telephone of the HAITC). 

Tuition standard and scholarship system 

Tuition: 60,000 yuan per academic year;

Accommodation fee: according to the school's specific dormitory standards;

Textbook fee: 1,200 yuan in advance, clearing charges at the end of the academic year, any excess payment shall be refunded and deficiency shall be repaid.

Freshmen must pay all fees for the year before registering. The scholarship system is implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the college.


Official website: http://haitc.hainanu.edu.cn/index.htm

Consultation telephone: 0898-66256820, 66255272

Email: Haitc_student@hainanu.edu.cn

Address: Students Affairs Office of HAITC, No 58 Renmin Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou city, Hainan Province. (Room 206, Tin Ka Ping Building, zip code: 570228