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Liao Qinglin meets with Professor Mark Roseland of Arizona State University

Source: chinadaily.com.cn Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Liao Qinglin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Hainan University (HNU), met with Mark Roseland, director of the institute of community resources and development of Arizona State University (ASU), on May 31.

Liao expressed his warm welcome to Roseland and congratulated him on his succession to the directorship of the institute, succeeding Kathleen Andereck. 


Liao Qinglin (R) meets with Professor Mark Roseland (L). [Photo/haitc.hainanu.edu.cn]

He gave high appraisal to Kathleen Andereck’s support of the establishment and development of the HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College (HAITC), adding that the college will develop further through joint efforts. 

Hainan is the frontier of China's reform and opening up. It has vast land and sea areas as well as a special mixed tropical and subtropical climate. Tourism is the leading industry for future global development, and will also be Hainan's leading industry in the future. HAITC, as the only Sino-foreign cooperative school focused on tourism in China, will provide challenges and opportunities to both sides by offering quality talents.

He added that the Ministry of Education pays great attention to Sino-foreign cooperative education in Hainan. Strengthening in-depth cooperation with ASU is the unshakable development strategy of HNU. 

HNU will seek more international cooperation in education and further exchanges with ASU.


The meeting site [Photo/haitc.hainanu.edu.cn]

Professor Roseland expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome from HNU. He highly praised the training mode and courses of the college and gave his suggestions on language education and sustainable campus development. As an internationally renowned expert on sustainable development, he said he believed there is huge room for academic and innovative educational cooperation between the two universities. 

Wang Lin, president of HAITC, Li Yanrong, secretary of the CPC Committee of the college and Wang Hua, deputy director of its International Cooperation and Exchange department, attended the meeting.


A group photo [Photo/haitc.hainanu.edu.cn]